Change Your Time-Game with the Legendary American Documents Watches By Timex

Photo: Timex
Photo: Timex

US watchmaking has a remarkable story of its own. The advanced persona it has been carrying throughout history is something worth putting your hard-earned money in. The question may now arise – what’s so distinctive about American watchmaking? Well, Timex, a pioneer American watch manufacturing company has the answer for you. Watch out!

The Rise of Timex

The year was 1854. Waterbury Clock Company (Timex’s birth name) was spreading its roots in the world after having a sound setup in Waterbury, Connecticut, adamant to break the rules and transform the traditional world of watchmaking. From switching gears to fashioning new styles, the brand was really up to something big.  The revolutionary air set off in Connecticut captured the entire world. The watch lovers now had a plethora of options – class-apart yet affordable.

Photo: Timex
Photo: Timex

From The Roots: American Documents by Timex

The rich American culture inspired Timex to the core. In return, Timex bestowed us with the American Documents, a watch collection that has transcended the call of time and reproduced what a proud American will love to adorn his or her wrists with. Though modern in outlook, the American Documents’ watches tell the story of a time in a unique fashion that is beyond the not-so-simple equation of being traditional yet contemporary. The challenge was welcomed with arms open by Timex and minds and hearts were put together to devise something exclusive and the American Documents collection came to existence. The old techniques were dredged off and the modern ones were incorporated to do the task effectively. What came out was not just extraordinary but also affable. The American inventiveness combined with European meticulousness delivered a timepiece that’s totally worth it.

Let’s Delve A Little Deeper: Features and More <

The American Documents collection is crafted in stainless steel which is sourced from the United States itself. Emanating American vibes, it comes with an opulent design which is far from regular. Moreover, its high-quality Swiss movement makes it one of the most desirable watch collections in the world today.

Featuring a leather strap made with leather sourced from S.B. Tanning Company in Minnesota – a company that shares the legacy with Timex, its double-layered strength is invincible.

The watches in the American Documents collection come with impact-resistant Gorilla® Glass 3. Performing the dual function of safeguarding the sub-second dial and the Swiss movement, the Gorilla covering is one of the many distinctive functions of the American Documents collection. Another striking feature of the American Documents watches is the “Aged Waterbury Brass” case back coin. It is significant to the history of Timex in relation to American culture.

Whether you want to oomph up your style quotient or create a statement look, the American Documents’ watch is all you need.

Timex has always been at the forefront of innovation in the watchmaking world. However, the American Documents collection by Timex is definitely an exception, all thanks to the American values that have been keeping its stature high since its inception.

If you want to leave an impression that doesn’t fade away with time, do it with the American Documents timepiece of your choice and watch the play happen on its own. The watches are available at the official websites of Timex besides all the offline stores.

Timex’s online platforms have been aiding the customers for a long time now. Whether you are looking forward to buying a girl’s watch online or a man’s watch, you can simply find your ideal pick from the comfort of your homes and place your order.

If you wish to buy the American Documents wristwatch in India, Timex is all set to shower you with the ‘American blessing’ pretty soon!

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