All You Need to Know About Interval Training

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Do you want to lose weight but do not have enough time to work out? High-intensity-interval-training is the perfect answer to your weight loss issues. High-intensity interval training means including a burst of intense activity in between your regular workout routine. This is different from circuit training as during circuit exercise you move around station-to-station completing a set of exercises without break whereas in interval training you are allowed to take breaks between intense repetitions.

Benefits of HIIT:

1. You Will Lose Weight Faster:

Interval training in itself helps you lose much more calories than cardio other than that interval training is intense hence your body needs to put more effort to recover from the workout hence you will also lose more calories post-workout.

2. It Makes Workout Interesting:

Interval training is all about changing workout intensity throughout the session hence you will not get bored as it is not repetitive, and the routine can be changed every day to make it more interesting.

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3. Quicker Workout Schedule:

Interval training is not like other workout sessions where you need to exercise for an hour or more. As it is a fast workout session, you can be done in 30 minutes and enjoy the free time.

4. No Extra Equipment Required:

To do interval training, you need no extra equipment and it is a basic workout session that needs you to have fewer things such as a mat and a few dumbbells, but it is mostly a free workout hence there is no setup cost involved.

5. Increases Your Fitness Levels:

Interval training is known for building stamina and also it helps your body to burn lactic acid more efficiently thereby you can work out for a longer period.

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6. Makes You Happy:

Interval training helps in releasing a surge of happy hormones called endorphins hence after your training session, you will feel satisfied and elated.

7. Improved Heart Health:

High-intensity interval training means accelerated heart rate, but this actually helps in reducing the strain on your heart and over time, when you regularly work out your heart rate improves and becomes stronger.

9. Decreased Hunger:

If you find it difficult to diet, then interval training is the best form of workout for you as this training is known to suppress the ghrelin hormone which makes you feel hungry. It means you will feel less hungry after interval training and lose weight faster.

10. It’s Easier to Continue for the Long-Term:

Interval training is fun, and it has been seen that people tend to stick to it for a longer duration as they enjoy the workout routine. Hence, if you are someone who gets bored with doing the same workout daily, then this is the right workout choice for you.

In Conclusion- Precautions Before Interval Training:

Though interval training has many benefits if you already have certain conditions such as heart issues or diabetes then you should avoid such workouts and consult primary care physicians to understand how to deal with your condition to understand the right workout schedule for you.

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