Here Are the Actual Causes of Your Breakouts

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Cursed with a spotty complexion, or confused as to why your pimples keep popping up? Read on to determine not only what is causing your frustrations, but how you can get rid of that pesky, embarrassing acne forever.

What Causes Our Acne?

Our skin, our body’s largest organ, is covered with hairs and hair follicles. Generally, hairs grow out of these follicles, but sometimes hair falls out leaving an empty space. We’re also covered in pores – sweat pores, for example. Generally, these remain fairly clear, but at times they can become filled. Enter Gunk.

During puberty particularly, our bodies produce additional oils which might clog in some of those hair follicles or pores resulting in one of several outcomes: a whitehead, a blackhead, a pustule, a boil…or just plain ZITS. It doesn’t end in adolescence either; there are many reasons why acne will pop up earlier OR later in life such as stress, pregnancy or sweating.

Is Acne Face Mapping Real?

Face mapping, or as the Chinese call it mien shiang which translates to face reading, is the theory from ancient eastern wisdom and study that each area of your face corresponds to an area of your body. One is therefore able to ascertain what is going on in the body due to flare ups on your face. Unfortunately this has become quite a trend in the last few years and is probably not very reliable in its current form.

Acne Around Your Mouth

A place that is common to get a few extra pimples is around the mouth. Eating and snacking come with extra touching and particles. Applying lipstick or chapstick brings even more potential for the skin around the mouth to have bonus acne, and you might find some extra red spots here. It’s important to be mindful about this zone when having meals and applying lip products because you never realize how much your everyday actions could affect your skin clarity.

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Acne on Your Body and Shoulders

If you include exercise into your life regularly, you are familiar with another common acne dilemma: the dreaded “back-ne” (back acne), OR pimples simply popping up on your body, not specifically your face where acne is more typical. Shoulder acne will happen when sweat clogs your pores post-workout, and also if you wear tight, restrictive clothing frequently. These are both the same idea, and your pores get clogged across a larger area of the body, i.e. the chest, back and shoulders.

>Acne on Your Forehead

Got bangs? Then you already know too well about forehead pimples. No matter how often you wash your face and your hair, oil happens. Throughout the course of a day, your body is producing its own moisturizing oils, which in itself is a marvelous function. However, if your skin doesn’t get a chance to “breathe” – that is, if you have bangs or your hair sweeps across your face – you’ll likely get additional acne there. This counts double if you’re using hair products!

Acne on Your Jawline

If the site of your typical breakouts is your lower cheek, jawline, and chin, you might have what is called a “hormonal pattern” of acne. This is typically in the puberty years when the body goes into oil-producing overdrive. It is no surprise that acne is usually associated with teenagers.

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How to Clear Up Your Acne, Once and For All

1. Consistent Bathing is Key!

Develop a morning and evening face cleansing and/or full bathing regimen, and get into the habit of washing yourself thoroughly during your soapy sessions WITH a nice, full rinse with clean water. Be sure to use a good, quality face wash or cleanser. Sometimes these products (or the topical products you use post-shower) are the direct cause of your zits!

2. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate.

Sure, it’s all great to wash or rinse that beautiful skin, but what about BUILD-UP? You occasionally (begin with weekly) need to use a bit of a rougher surface to really slough off the dead and potentially cloggy skin cells and allow new fresh skin cells to grow. Look for face-friendly fabrics at the pharmacy.

3. Zap Acne Into Submission With Benzoyl Peroxide

There’s a reason you always see that ingredient in connection with really combating and BEATING acne – because it works! Be sure it’s an active ingredient when you’re buying a topical cream to treat spots.

4. If All Else Fails, See a Dermatologist

They have amazing doctors that are available for the more stubborn cases of acne. When you’ve tried all the cleansers in your drugstore aisle, and your friends and the internet are giving you conflicting advice, why not see a dermatologist? They’ve seen it all, and likely they can come up with a treatment plan (perhaps prescription assistance?) that will get you on a faster track than going it alone.

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