About Akua Murray Adoboe

Akura Murray
Akua Murray photographed by Adrian Mesko

Akua Murray is a stylist from the US. She is working as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist in New York, USA. Her most recent project was with Vogue, one of the most well-known fashion magazines in the world. In Vogue, you’ll find out about what’s trending in fashion, and which celebrities are making waves in the world of fashion. It’s in this magazine that Akua Murray is starting to make a name for herself. Her most recent music video was featured in Vogue, where she designed the styles for actresses including Alia Shawkat, Rachel Evan Wood, and Tessa Thompson for a Beck music video.

Akua Murray’s Famous work

Well, Akua Murray has designed, and styled costumes for a multitude of TV shows, Theatre, and Music Videos, and her work is starting to garner more and more success. Here’s a list of some of her more famous projects; The Joe Budden Podcast, Omens – Lola Kirke, You are Dead America, Wi-O-Wisp, Contributor Magazine, Edie Orca, Clerk – Don Christian and Alfani by Macy’s. Besides this, she’s been known to work on big theatre productions like MotherStruck!, with her work being well received in the New York Times

Akua Murray’s Work in Vogue

Akua Murray works in collaboration with many international music companies. Her work on the Beck music video saw her become the stylist to famous actresses Alia Shawkat, Tessa Thompson, and Rachel Even Woods. And I have to say that Thompson and Evan Wood looked impeccable in the video. Thompson wore a sophisticated brown leather jacket and an authentic cowboy hat; however, Evan Woods wore an on-trend red fire engine blouse. Akua Murray Adoboe designed both costumes. It’s gutsy decisions like this that’s gotten the fashion and entertainment world talking about her. 

Akua Murray work in MotherStruck!

MotherStuck! is a hilarious theatre production about the author’s story, starting in Jamaica and ending as a famous woman in America. The protagonist’s name is Staceyann Chin, a lesbian girl who strives to become a mother. The New York Times hilariously described it as “Staceyann Chin’s chronicles and quest to become pregnant.” In this production, Chin wore the costume that was designed by Akua Murray. The costume expressed the hardship and struggle that Chin experienced at the start of her career. Meanwhile, the wardrobe related to the author’s story in a visceral way. 

Akua Murray and Saada Ahmed Editorial

‘Go Your Own Way’ is a famous song in Hollywood circles, and was produced by many artists recording different versions over the last couple of decades. Recently, Saada Ahmed, who is a famous South African fashion designer, and Akua Murray shot an editorial of the song ‘Go your Own Way,’ which was directed by Adrian Mesko. The shot was perfectly done and might be considered one of the best versions of the song. The costumes were designed and finalized by Akua Murray and Saada Ahmed. 

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