7 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression for Women

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There are many reasons why making a positive and lasting impression is important. Whether you’re in sales, trying to have a good time on a date, or having a job interview, making a lasting impression is a huge factor in your success. While basic things like proper grooming and wearing an appropriate outfit for the occasion are part of the puzzle, there are additional things to ensure a good impression. If you’ve got an event where you know making a great impression is essential, keep reading for important tools for the impression toolkit. 


As a woman, getting told to smile is something we’ve all heard and can be cringe-worthy in certain situations, but making sure to smile when meeting someone new is essential. Smiling is an easy, non-verbal way to radiate positivity to the person or people you’re interacting with. While you don’t want to grin for the entire meeting, ensure you smile upon greeting and whenever appropriate. It boils down to being likable, and using positivity will help you get that job or land a client.

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While you don’t want to douse yourself in perfume before your meeting or date, the sense of smell is important, and smelling fantastic leaves a lasting impression. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank with your favorite fragrances when you buy luxury perfumes on sale. After you’ve done your hair and makeup, add the cherry on top with a spritz of Chanel No. 5 or Dior. Make sure you spray your perfume on when you get out of the shower, not as you head out the door. You want the scent to be present but not overpowering. Perfume is meant to be worn on the body, not clothing. 


We all know how irritating it is when you’re talking, and it seems like the other person in the conversation is waiting to interject, or worse, talking over you. It may seem like a no-brainer that being a good listener on a first date or during a job interview is a great idea, but sometimes nerves can get the best of us, and we end up talking more than we intended to. 

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Eye Contact 

With people commonly staring at their screens in line at the bank or at traffic lights, the art of solid eye contact seems to be falling by the wayside. Other people suffer from social anxiety, and maintaining eye contact is difficult. This can seem daunting when trying to make a lasting impression, but it makes a difference. Make eye contact as you walk up to greet someone, and continue to make eye contact when appropriate throughout the meeting. 


Humor is a great way to connect with people in a professional or personal environment. While cracking too many jokes or telling funny stories back to back can come off as nervous energy, laughing when appropriate shows you’re comfortable with the other person and yourself. Self-confidence is something everyone finds attractive, so show you’re an easy-going person and have a laugh or two. 

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Appropriate Attire 

There’s nothing worse than showing up to an event being over or underdressed. Make sure your outfit matches the occasion you’ll be making this first impression. Trying too hard can come off as insecurity, and trying too little can be seen as disrespectful. Instead of buying something new for the event, wear a go-to outfit you know looks terrific. After all, when you look good, you feel good. 

Finding Similarities 

In a world where differences are celebrated, isn’t it funny how we’re still more similar than we are different? Finding things in common with the person you’re meeting is an easy way to make a lasting impression. It shows that you’re a person like them and have overlapping interests and values. Connection is vital to making a great impression, so find areas where you two connect and acknowledge them. 

Another way to make a lasting impression is to have a story or two prepared to share in case of a lull in the conversation. Make sure to be yourself; what’s the point of making a good impression if it’s false? Making an effort to use the person’s name is always a great idea too. Go into your meeting with the mindset of making things better than how you found them, and it’s sure to be a success. 

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