7 Rare Jewelry Stones to Dazzle Your Ring Shopping

Tanzanite Jewelry
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Rings sparkle like gold! But that isn’t what makes them so intriguing. The glorious and sparkling tiny gemstones perched atop have all the ingredients for an irresistible feeling. Suppose you intend to shop during the holiday season. In that case, you should think about becoming acquainted with rare yet unique jewelry stones that could be an excellent addition to your ring collection.

On top of that, you can wear them to achieve an entirely magnificently beautiful look while out and about. Scroll down to learn about the magnificent jewelry stones that could turn your next purchase into a magical dream.


The fact that tanzanite is so rare is appealing. It’s a lovely gemstone at an affordable price. Tanzanite gets its name from the country where it was discovered: Tanzania. While you don’t have to fly there to get a tanzanite ring, you might want a genuine piece of tanzanite jewelry. However, if you’re looking for a blue-colored stone from afar, look no further.

Tanzanite is perhaps one of the world’s rarest and most valuable gemstones. It’s also one of the most challenging stones to find in Brazil! Tanzanite is a purple-red variety of the aluminum oxide mineral zoisite. It was named after Tanzania because English gemologist Harry John Ladd discovered it in 1912.

Ethel Winant coined the term “tanzanite” in 1969 when she applied for a trademark on the common name for this stone. Tanzanite comes in over 50 different color shades, some of which are extremely rare and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Woman Amethyst Jewelry Earring
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Amethyst is another borosilicate glass stone. It’s very similar to quartz, so it’s slightly less valuable. It’s still a lovely purple color that would make a stunning piece of jewelry. If you want to go the effortless route, you can also buy amethyst gemstones online! Here is a list of online stores where you can purchase amethyst gemstones.

Amethyst has been in existence for thousands of years. Some ancient cultures used it to boost their spiritual energy, while others used it to treat illnesses. The Roman name for this stone is amethyst.

Amethyst is now considered one of the most valuable stones on the planet, which makes sense given that it comes in not only hundreds of different shades (each shade is unique) but also rarer colors such as red and purple. If you enjoy collecting gemstones, an Amethyst ring could add to your collection’s versatility.


Tourmaline is one of the most commonly discovered jewelry stones in recent years, but that doesn’t make it less valuable to those fortunate enough to possess one. Tourmaline jewelry is a work of art in and of itself, and the best tourmaline is found in Brazil.

Aquamarine Jewelry
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Aquamarine has been used since the Egyptians’ time. Aquamarine’s most common color is clear with white or light blueish-green inclusions (“veil bands”). Aquamarine is a rare stone that has been mined for hundreds of years in Madagascar, and it is the second rarest stone found in Brazil. Aquamarine is typically found in blue hues, but it can also be pink and purple.

Blue Sapphire

This gemstone is the “most valuable of all gems.” It’s an unusual blue color caused by specific blue beryl. Consider this blue gemstone to be a tiny piece of heaven on Earth.

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Moissanite is an excellent alternative to quartz. It’s not widely available, but it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Although moissanite may not be a genuine gemstone, it’s undeniably a valuable material with remarkable properties that make it highly desirable. Moissanite appears appealing in a variety of ring styles. And it’s worth a shot.

Euclidean Diamond

The American Gem Society presented this stone with the Euclid Diamond award for excellence in gemology in 2014. The International Colored Gemstones Association also awarded this stone the 2015 Award of Excellence in Color in “Best Resin.” This is the only type of diamond that can make jewelry. It’s also tricky to find if you aren’t looking for it.


You’ve got it now. These are seven unique jewelry stones that will adorn any ring. Hopefully, you will consider purchasing one of these works of fine art by choosing to buy jewelry online. There is no better way to elevate your look than with a gorgeous piece of jewelry! Have a great time shopping!

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