6 Ways to Add Collagen to Your Routine

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One of the most crucial ways to keep your skin looking and feeling great is by ensuring that your skin always has enough collagen. Not only does collagen help eliminate wrinkles and keep your skin smooth, but it promotes healthy aging too.

Collagen is a protein that our body naturally makes. But as you get older, your body loses the ability to make enough of it to keep your skin wrinkle-free and smooth all on its own. That, plus the fact that your skin is exposed to sun and damaging UV rays for years on end, can cause your skin to really need a big collagen boost.

Chances are you’ve already heard of the importance of your skincare routine. But have you considered adding a boost of collagen into your skincare routine too? You are never really too young to add some extra collagen into your routine, no matter what your lifestyle is.

In fact, thanks to the incredible creation of vegan collagen from trusted skincare brands, those who live an animal-free product lifestyle can also benefit from the vital collagen protein. That is why we have rounded up some top tips to incorporate collagen into a routine that makes sense for you.

From eating natural foods that are rich in collagen to using trusted skin care products that use vegan collagen, here are the best ways to easily get collagen back into your daily routine.

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1. Use Topical Creams & Skin Care Products

One of the considerably direct ways to get your skin to absorb an extra boost of collagen is through topical creams. This means that you are applying creams that are designed for excellent skin health and have the right amount of collagen in the ingredients. Using topical cream with collagen is a great way to help your skin absorb this important nutrient fast and effectively while providing soothing sensations to the skin as well. Best of all, there are vegan collagen skin care creams to use too.

2. Add it to Coffee

Another great way to ensure that you get your daily dose of collagen is by including it in a beverage that you use daily. This means that adding vegan collagen powder to your morning cup of coffee is a great idea. Not only because you will almost never forget your morning cup of coffee but also because it will dissolve easily into the liquid as well. Best of all, collagen powder is neutral tasting, so it will not alter your enjoyment of the coffee.

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3. Put it in Food

Of course, vegan collagen can also be put into foods when used in powder form. An easy way to add it to your food is through your breakfast bowl of porridge or yogurt. Or, you can even blend it into your smoothie too so that the bold flavors of the fruits and vegetables can really shine instead. To truly make collagen part of your daily routine, choose to put it in foods that you know you will eat every day.

4. Take Collagen Supplements

For those that would prefer a daily pill, there are collagen supplements designed to make it incredibly simple to take your collagen needs. Taking a collagen supplement with the rest of your daily vitamins can help ensure that your skin will benefit by feeling moisturized, less elastic, and stress-free. Plus, the extra protein from the collagen supplements is also going to end up supporting your hair.

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5. Try Collagen Serum

Another incredible way to get collagen into your daily routine is to add it to your skin as a serum. In general, serums are best applied during your evening skincare regime so that your skin can really soak in all the goodness overnight. Make sure that you use the collagen serum all over, including your neck as well as your face.

6. Cover the Whole Body

Your skin is your largest organ, which means you want to ensure every inch of your skin gets to benefit from collagen. One of the best ways to include collagen into your routine is by moisturizing your entire body in vegan collagen body butter. Not only will your skin get relief from the extra moisture, but you will be able to share the collagen love all over in an effortless way.


One of the keys to having great skin is to ensure that you are acquiring your daily dose of collagen. This can easily be accomplished through a variety of vegan collagen products—from serums to body butter. Of course, you can also get your collagen boost by eating a variety of foods rich in collagen or adding in a powder to foods you eat daily.

No matter what method you choose, your skin will love the extra collagen it gets on the daily.

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