6 Useful Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves To Write

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If your loved one enjoys writing, then buying a gift for them can be challenging. There’s only a fixed amount of things that a writer needs, and more often than not, they have all of them. If a special occasion is coming up and you want to surprise your loved one with a gift, then you need to conduct a little online research. This post will make doing research into gifts for writers easy for you by offering tips on six useful gift ideas that you can give to somebody who loves to write:

Fountain Pen

If your loved one enjoys writing, then there’s a very strong chance that they do all of their writing on a laptop or an electronic device. Very few writers write traditionally anymore. The main reason for this is that it’s much easier to write long-form content on an electronic device than it is to do by hand.

However, a lot of the world’s foremost fiction and non-fiction writers write everything by hand because it allows them to immerse themselves and connect more with what they are writing. You could gift your loved one a Muji fountain pen, which is one of the stationery industry’s best at the minute, and then tell them about the benefits they will derive from writing by hand. It would help if you also bought them ink so that they can refill their pen.

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Personalized Notebook

If you are going to buy your loved one a pen to write with, then it’s probably a good idea to buy them a personalized notebook, also. If you are going to buy them a notebook, then it’s a very good idea to purchase one made from hard-wearing material, like leather. If you object to leather for ethical reasons, then you can buy vegan leather. A personalized notebook with your loved one’s name on it will be something that they can use, cherish, and keep forever. The best part about personalized notebooks is that they aren’t particularly expensive, either.


Another style of writing that’s practiced by some professional authors is typewriting. Typewriting has mostly gone out of fashion, though, because it’s an outdated form of writing. Laptops and computers have taken over it. With that said, writing with a typewriter can still be an enjoyable and immersive experience. If your loved one likes to write, then a typewriter could be a gift that they cherish forever. It could even be something that they begin using professionally, completing most of their work on it. Typewriters aren’t very expensive because they are mostly just novelty items now.

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Microsoft Subscription

If your loved one does most of their writing on their laptop, then you could consider buying them a Microsoft subscription. Microsoft Word is by far the most popular word processing tool that’s used on computers. There is a very strong chance that this is the tool that your loved one uses. If you are going to get them an MS Word subscription, then it’s a good idea to ask them whether or not they have it first. If they do, then think about getting them something else. However, if their subscription is on a trial basis or is running out, it will make for a fantastic gift.

New Laptop

An alternative to gifting your loved one a Microsoft subscription is to get them a new laptop. Purchasing a new laptop for your loved one can be very expensive but is definitely a gift that they are going to cherish. If you are going to get them a laptop and they already have one, then you need to go out of your way to get one of the best writing laptops that there is, like a MacBook Pro. The reason for this is that if they already have a laptop, then gifting them one that’s inferior to the one they already have will be unnecessary since they might not use your gift.

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Writing Masterclasses

Lastly, you could consider purchasing a writing masterclass course for your loved one. These courses are more often than not run by accomplished and professional authors. If your loved one has a favorite author, then you could even see if they host their own classes. Not only do these classes give your loved one the opportunity to learn from an experienced author, but they also allow them to interact with them and ask them questions.

If your loved one is a writer, then you should try to get them a gift that helps them to develop their craft. Assisting your loved ones and their writing could open up doorways for them, helping them become a professional writer.

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