5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids This Winter

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As the leaves begin to change and the temperature starts to fall, there’s no denying it: winter’s here! With the winter months come cozy nights in, holiday fun, and a good chance of a couple of snow days. If you’ve got little ones, they’re likely to get a few weeks’ break from school. 

This means coming up with fun, new ways to keep your little ones entertained, especially on days when it might be a bit too chilly to spend all day playing outside. But what can you do with your kids that isn’t just letting them scroll TikTok on their tablets for the whole day? We’re here to help with a list of some super cool and exciting winter activities that your kiddos are sure to love. 

1. Enjoy a Snow Day!

If you live in an area that’s known for getting a good dose of snow during the winter months, there’s nothing better than enjoying a snow day with your kids. Throw on your winter coats and boots and grab your winter snow sleds and get outside for some good old-fashioned fun. If you live in an area that has hills around, you might be able to do a good amount of sledding in your backyard. Or, you could visit a ski resort and take a ride down the bunny hill on your favorite sled. 

In addition to sledding, there are plenty of other fun outdoor snow day activities that you can partake in, like having a snowball fight on your front lawn. You could even invite some friends over to turn it into a good ol’ snow battle. Whoever wins gets extra marshmallows in their hot chocolate when you get inside after a long day of snow play. 

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2. Make Your Own Snowflakes

If you don’t happen to live somewhere that gets snow regularly, that doesn’t mean you can bring a little bit of snowy atmosphere to your own home! For a fun winter craft activity, try making your own snowflakes at home. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors and white construction paper. Fold your paper into a triangle in thirds and use the scissors to cut out a few shapes from the sides of the folded paper. 

Once you’re done cutting, unfold your paper, and voila! You’ll have a beautiful paper snowflake. Add some glitter or any other accouterments that you’d like to your snowflake and display it in your home. You might want to put yours on the windows, so it looks like snow is actually falling from outside! While you might not be able to have a snowball fight with paper snowflakes, they’re a great way to set the scene with a fun winter art project. 

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3. Have a Family Gingerbread House Competition

One of the best parts of winter is all of the delicious sweets that come with it. Of course, one of the most delicious and fun to make of those winter sweets is gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread cookie houses are incredibly popular during the winter months. For a fun family event, try hosting a gingerbread house competition, where each family member gets to try to make the best house they can. 

You can have a table of communal supplies for the gingerbread house makers, or you can buy pre-made kits that each family member will use. Once everyone’s finished making their houses, have a blind vote as to whose house is the best. Then enjoy a yummy post-competition treat, and break off a piece of your house to eat!

4. Get Cozy With a Holiday Movie Night

Another great way to get the whole family together is with a holiday movie night! Warm up some hot cocoa, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up with your little ones on the couch as you put on your family’s favorite holiday classic. Whether you love Elf or It’s a Wonderful Life, sharing a movie with your little ones is a great way to keep them entertained while you bond as a family. If you want to go the extra mile, you could get the whole family matching pajama sets to wear while you take in your favorite flick. 

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6. Facetime With Extended Family

There’s no doubt that your kids love getting the chance to spend time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins during the holidays. But sometimes, travel doesn’t work out, and you’re not able to see all the family members that you hold dear during the winter months. Schedule a winter facetime instead, so your kiddos can say hello to all their favorite relatives. 

In Conclusion

From super fun snow days to cozy movie nights, there are plenty of things that you can do to entertain and bond with your little ones this holiday season. What winter activities are you most excited to do with your kiddos this season? 

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