5 Unique Types of Modern Jewelry

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As time passes, changes ensue that take the world by storm, more often than not. Throughout the eras, jewelry has played a big part in history, serving several functions. Starting out before with bones, feathers, shells, and pebbles before turning into diamonds, golds, and emeralds, jewelry has always been appreciated by both men and women for their ornamental value and durability.  

Additionally, jewelry has also served as some sort of validation for self-esteem and identity as hunters have used their collections of teeth and horns to prove themselves as well as future good luck charms for their next ventures. It also became “protection” by means of amulets that have been utilized throughout the years. This influence has been portrayed in the media, from gems in fantasy films like The Lord of the Rings and crown jewels in The Princess Diaries as well. 

If you think the appreciation for jewelry has ended in the traditional times with pins, brooches, heavy rings, and necklaces, you may want to think again. Everywhere, you still see jewelry as forms of commitment through engagement, promise, and wedding rings. In many cultures like tribes, jewelry still signifies traditions and protection. But most of all, jewelry proves its purpose of adding aesthetics to individuals. 

Read further to learn more about the five unique types of modern jewelry:

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1. Avant-garde Jewelry

The avant-garde has always symbolized the progression of the world by the ideas that have molded society to move forward through art and design. 

Popularized during World War I, creatives decided to rally against the ordinary by pushing for their seemingly useless but unique ideas. Its forms have been showcased in gem combinations with gold or silver, different stone cuts, various stone colors, and unique designs. 

Knot promise rings and infinity shaped necklaces are examples of avant-garde jewelry that have stayed until today. Additionally, new materials are also being used in avant-garde jewelry, like threads, metal, and other unusual materials that have been considered scraps. 

2. Cremation Jewelry

Even back then, jewelry already held a significant role in burials. Pharaohs used to be buried with their treasures, such as their jewels.

However, to adapt to modern times, there has also been the birth of a unique jewelry type known as cremation jewelry. This kind of jewelry offers the relatives of a deceased individual the option of keeping their bereaved one’s ashes in a jewelry piece to keep loved ones close together despite being worlds away from each other. 

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3. Clay Jewelry

One of the fast-rising types of jewelry nowadays in clay jewelry. Often being molded into designs that range from abstract to copies of pretty things around us, clay jewelry has been largely patronized, especially by the youth. 

It has also been a way to showcase art expression of unique ideas and tributes to popular culture like food, music, and the like. 

4. Contemporary Jewelry Forms 

As mentioned above, unique and modern types of jewelry expand their reach with contemporary jewelry forms. Now, we see different parts of objects like doll heads and Rubix cubes being turned into jewelry.

Often labeled under Y2K fashion, contemporary jewelry forms have become highly popularized online in the forms of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that showcase different designs.

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5. Fine Contemporary Jewelry

Nowadays, unique jewelry designs have played a significant role in the impact of a jewelry’s elegance and timelessness.

Customized pieces were done for engagements, gifts, and weddings that have been widely accepted to accommodate modern individuals’ tastes. 

And these are the five unique types of modern jewelry that you can wear today. Choosing the perfect jewelry for your outfit can be quite tricky. However, whatever occasion you may be, just remember that any OOTD of yours can look better if you pick the right accessories be it a hat, a scarf or jewelry. 

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