5 Tips for Styling an Eclectic Home

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In the modern world, more people are embracing unique styles and decor and combining them to create a wonderfully mixed home decor. This style is called “eclectic” and has been gaining popularity recently.

The theory behind eclectic styling is that if each piece you use in decorating is beautiful and unique, then all the pieces will blend together and compliment one another, even if they do not match.

Follow these tips, and you will have a beautifully decorated and unique home in no time!

1. Use Rugs to Separate Your Space

Area rugs make stunning statement features in a room and are a great option because of the wide variety that can be used. Unique loom rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, making them the perfect styling piece for any home!

Once you choose your rug, it can be placed to open up spaces in your home, or to separate spaces into more individual areas. Using a rug in one area of your home can create a boundary identifying a new room or space dedicated to something specific. For example, a rug can create a TV room or separate dining space to keep your home organized.

2. Art Reflects Personality

Decorating with artwork is an effective way of putting your personality into the home. By choosing the art that speaks to you and reflects your interests, you put a piece of yourself into the room. Whether you choose a large statement painting/sculpture or a handful of smaller works, art adds character, color and a touch of your own personality to your home.

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3. Use Plants To Add Color and Life

Recently, houseplants have become extremely popular in modern homes, and for good reason. Plants naturally clean the air by filtering excess carbon dioxide and harsh chemicals. In addition to the health benefits, houseplants are available in a wide variety based on the look you desire and the level of care you are able to give them.

Easy to care for plants include pothos or philodendrons. They are also easy to find and will grow lovely vines, adding some life into your eclectic home.

4. Arrangement is Key

Working your individual and unique decoration pieces together is the most difficult part of designing a high-quality eclectic home. Large artwork pieces do best when they rest in the center of a wall, drawing your attention.

Smaller artwork looks best in a group and close together, however you like to arrange it. The arrangement of your eclectic home can change with the days, and even with your mood. Don’t be afraid to move things around until they appear how you like.

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5. The Rule of Threes Prevents ‘Clutter’

When you are laying out your collection of eclectic pieces, wether plants, figures, sculptures, frames, plants, lamps, candles etc., try to place them in groups of three.

The rule of threes says that in one given location, whether bookshelf or desktop, having a group of three will appear well organized and thought out. More than three items will make the space appear cluttered. Regardless of how large your desk or stand, keep three items as your maximum in that spot, and your home will appear expertly organized and aesthetic, rather than full of ‘stuff.’

Final Thoughts

Creating an eclectic style in your home is not easily done, but with these easy tips, you will have a beautiful home filled with beautiful pieces that all blend and accent each other well.

Make sure you find a statement rug, some furniture and art that speaks to you and you are good to go. Remember that the arrangement can be changed as often as you like until your home matches your vision!

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