5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mother of the Bride Outfits and Dresses

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Weddings are undoubtedly one of the wonderful occasions in our lives. That feeling is stronger when either the groom or the bride is your daughter or son.

During such occasions, there’re plenty of reasons for Mothers to get overly excited, emotional, and probably even have a hard time to keep it together.

From experience, Mothers of the bride often have challenging times, especially when it comes to the task of finding the right outfits and dresses.

Gladly, I’ve researched this and will outline to top 5 tips for choosing the MOB the perfect outfit.

Let the Bride Be Your Guide

If you’re only going to take anyone tip from our list, let it be this one.

The best person to give you an idea about the style, color, theme, and degree of formality should be the bride herself.

Remember that the entire bridal party revolves around the bride and the groom, and in particular, the MOB should have a cohesive outfit to that of their daughter.

When choosing the overall style, the mother of the bride should draw inspiration from that of the bride.

Ideally, the overall style should match or complement each other.

So, before the mother of the bride drives too deeply into the shopping spree, it’s good to inquire about the style, colors, and patterns of the bride’s attire, and what to generally avoid.

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Let the Wedding Details Guide You

Traditionally, MOB outfit followed a kind of uniform-a cocktail jacket atop, alongside an understated sheath.

Nowadays, however, anything can do, provided it’s appropriate for the event.

Details such as the wedding theme or venue, or instance, can be a good place to draw you outfits cues.

If the occasion is at an upscale location, you may want to go with a fancier, chic cocktail dress.

On the other hand, if the wedding is on the beach/country-side, you may want to try a relaxed outfit such as a boho maxi dress, or linen frock.

While at it, it’s vital that you take into account the weather, or even cultural/religious customs when finding the right outfit.

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Remember Color is Important

When choosing the color of your dress, use your bridesmaid’s dress as a palette.

You don’t want to mimic the bridesmaid, but rather, look for something that complements what the bride is wearing.

For instance, if their gown is green, you shouldn’t go for a pink or purple dress. Instead, you should choose a dress with a shade or undertones of green, or even choose a complementary blue.

While at it, you would want to avoid the exact color and design of the bride, to avoid looking like you’re in a competition or something.

You would also want to avoid the overly shouting colors such as red, ivory, and anything too bright, to avoid shadowing your daughter.

Finally, though this is quite subjective, avoid color black. Though black is increasingly becoming acceptable, ask whether it’s worth the scrutiny and judgment of the guests (Black is always associated with ill-will).

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Comfort is Key

Now, regardless of how progressive the fashion industry is becoming, you would not want to compromise on your comfort.

Avoid dresses that are bulky, itchy, or those that are difficult to move on.

Ideally, the perfect dress should not only be fashion-forward, but it should be comfortable as well.

The good news is if you’re in search of a comfortable dress, Frox of Falkirk, has a collection of exciting MOD dresses for the fashion-conscious women.

Get Pretty Before the Wedding

There aren’t hard rules for the MOD when it comes to styling and looks.

You simply need to look pretty, elegant, and appropriate for the occasion.

A little sparkle with bling can never hurt, but don’t go crazy about accessories and embellishments.


Regardless of the type of wedding Mother of Bride can never go wrong with elegant, understated, and appropriate.

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