The 5 Best Hair Dye Colors

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Have you tried a new hair color yet this year? If you have, you know the exhilarating feeling of discovering a ‘new you.’ If you haven’t, it could be the very thing that will lift you out of the monotonous days of restricted socialization due to COVID-19. Whether you go to a hairdresser or try a box color at home, choose a shade that’s not more than one shade lighter or two shades darker than your natural color.

50 Shades of Brown

Brown hair color has always been popular because it is universally flattering to all skin tones. Chocolate Truffle browns, especially with lighter brown highlights, are trendy right now. Colorists are also conjuring up beautiful shades of Caramel by mixing shades of blonde and brunette. Check out Beyonce’s consistently beautiful Tan Caramel hair. The balayage method to put in streaks of color can achieve a more subtle look. For a stunning multi-dimensional look on curly hair, try Bronze Caramel. Be sure to communicate your goal with the colorist beforehand so that you can get the exact look that you want.

Anything You Can Do… Redheads Can Do Better

There has never been a time when redheads weren’t attention getters, and this year is no different. The world of red hair dye has gotten very, very exciting; there are myriad new red shades to suit every skin tone. Strawberry Red or Coral Red will produce a very summery shade. For a very natural look for warm skin tones, try Copper Gold. Ginger is very flattering for most people, especially for Bryce Dallas Howard, who sports ginger highlights in her ginger hair-do. Take screenshots of your favorite colors and show them to your colorist who will know best how to achieve your desired look.

Platinum Blonde Hairstyle Bob Model

Blondes (Supposedly!) Have More Fun

Most people are born with neutral color hair, and colorists can achieve that neutral look by mixing dark and light colors that cancel each other out. This technique can produce a beautiful natural blonde that will suit anyone that wants a subtle look. If subtlety is not for you, there is Nordic White that comes very close to silver and looks good on people with warm or pale skin tones. Michelle Williams looks stunning with this color. The technique that produces this gorgeous color is intricate and should only be performed by a professional. It takes between five and seven hours to get the white shade and only works on hair that is no darker than light brown. There are many other shades of blonde to choose from if all this sounds like too much work. Honey blonde and Strawberry blonde look good against any skin tone and are much easier to keep up.

Tall, Dark, and Gorgeous

Very dark hair has always been classic, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. Try going for a demi-permanent color if you’re not sure. Daisy Ridley looks fresh in the Dark/Brown-Black, and Demi Lovato has gone as dark as one can go with Jet Black. Curly hair looks especially gorgeous in the darker shades as light reflects off the curls, making them look multidimensional. Plus with natural conditioners or shampoo bars you can ensure the dark color will look natural through many washes as opposed to something wild like blue or pink, that can appear faded after only a few days. 

Model Rainbow Pastel Hair

The Exciting World of Pastels

For those who want something completely different and are feeling especially adventurous, there are scintillating new pastel shades that can brighten or soften any look. They do require a professional’s services since the hair has to be lightened to the palest blonde to accept the various colors. Pastel balayage would be a way to play with a pastel color since it does not require any commitment. Brown hair with balayage Pink Highlights is a lovely look. Bubble Gum Pink and Cotton Candy are lighter shades of pink that can light up all skin tones. Smoke Show, another new color this year, produces an icy silver with a purple hue that fades to a perfect blonde shade over time. Megan Rapinoe, soccer star, emerged recently from COVID-19 quarantine sporting a new color job. Her colorist spent six hours mixing up a purple shade composed of Blush, Lilac, and Sea Glass Mint. The color is spectacular on Rapinoe.

And speaking of COVID-19; while it’s not advisable to get together with groups just yet, why not make the lack of socialization more bearable by arranging a ZOOM meet-up? What could be better than getting together with friends online to share all the latest haircuts and luscious new colors?

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