4 of the Best Supplements to Support Your Metabolism

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Your body’s metabolism determines many things, among them just how efficient your internal processes are in converting the food eaten into energy. In other words, it can have a bearing on how much you weigh and how efficiently you can assimilate the various nutrients absorbed from the food you eat daily.

Vitamin B12 sits at the apex of the essential nutrients that the human body requires for a well-oiled metabolism. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to rely on b12 drops for weight loss, especially when trying to get cut without necessarily starving themselves.

Purchase Natural Vitamins to Rev Up Your Metabolism

As underlined earlier, how fast your metabolism is has a considerable bearing on your ability to shed those excess pounds. However, losing weight the healthy way is not as easy as just popping a few pills. On the flip side, though, it is not an impossible feat either.

There’s a collection of minerals and vitamins that you can add to your diet to pave the right metabolic path for effortless weight loss. Here’s where highly-ranked supplements such as Wellabs b12 drops usually come in handy.

You see, the extra boost provided by these nutrients can help you stay on the right track to pursue your weight loss regimen with minimal or no complications whatsoever. Here are some of them that can help you shed those excess pounds and keep them off.

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1. B Vitamins

Among the B family of vitamins, taking b12 drops for energy ranks as one of the top ways to ensure a fully functional metabolism. This nutrient is central in the breakdown and subsequent assimilation of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

It also plays a significant role in the regulation of stored energy. As such, it is vital to get your b12 drops dosage right, considering that a deficiency in this nutrient implies that your metabolism won’t be working as efficiently as it should be. This, as you may have guessed at this juncture, means that losing weight becomes more arduous.

Speaking of cobalamin, one of the dilemmas most people face regarding supplementation revolves around whether liquid b12 is better than pills? All other factors held constant; liquid cobalamin is more absorbable than pills.

Thus, it can be safe also to assume that your body won’t have to expend as much energy in assimilating it into your inner workings compared to a food additive that is hard to extract. Besides, cobalamin is not found in any plant-based food sources.

Supplementation is, therefore, the only option for someone who is either a vegan or a strict vegetarian if they want to keep their metabolism in the best shape possible.

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2. Vitamin D

Apart from being a crucial element in the inner workings of your metabolism, Vitamin D is also critical for the health and potency of your immune system.

And as much as your body is perfectly capable of synthesizing this nutrient by itself courtesy of the sun’s UV rays, more and more people are spending a lot of time indoors than outdoors. Fortunately, supplements of the D vitamin can save the day, especially for those who live outside the tropics.

Being one of the main vitamins that boost metabolism and energy, it is not precisely surprising that researchers recently found out that obese individuals have lower-than-healthy levels of vitamin D in their blood serum.

The study then confirmed that by simply taking vitamin D and calcium supplements, they could lose significantly more stomach fat compared to people who did not take any supplements. 

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3. Magnesium

Contrary to what most people think, magnesium is reasonably necessary for the optimum production and sustenance of elevated energy levels. And this is because the mineral is a cofactor on more than 300 enzyme reactions that govern a broad range of physiological responses such as;

  • Control of blood sugar levels
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Healthy functioning of the nervous system
  • The making and maintenance of healthy bones

Considering that most people hardly get sufficient magnesium from their diet, it goes without saying that supplementation is often not an option if you are deficient in this critical mineral.

Otherwise, there is only a limited number of legumes, nuts, and leafy green vegetables that contain enough levels of the nutrient capable of keeping deficiency at bay.

4. Iron

Iron, just like magnesium above, plays quite an essential role in aiding your body in the creation of energy from the food consumed via the diet. This is a mineral that aids in the transportation of oxygen throughout the cells of your body, including your energy-hungry twitch muscles.

In turn, this helps them a great deal to be able to burn off the extra pounds, which means that you get to lose weight faster than you’d otherwise be able to. The role that iron plays in a person’s metabolism is so significant that some of the unmistakable symptoms of iron deficiency include the likes of;

  • Low energy levels
  • General weakness and tiredness
  • Fatigue

It is worth bearing in mind that low iron levels can impact your athletic performance and physical endurance. Hence, taking an iron supplement is highly advisable to persons who are at risk of suffering from iron deficiency, such as women who routinely experience heavy menstrual periods.

In Closing

Increasing your energy expenditure and revving up your fat oxidation is an excellent way of aiding your weight loss efforts. Actually, with healthy and well-functioning metabolism, you won’t necessarily have to torture yourself with drastic measures such as intermittent fasting or aggressive dieting.

That being said, it is still worth being on the lookout for lifestyle factors (such as lack of enough exercise, poor sleeping habits, and a poor diet)  that could slow down your metabolism and thus derail your fitness journey. Otherwise, it is all about prioritizing nutrients that can help turn the food eaten into usable energy as efficiently and consistently as possible.

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