10 Essential Tips for Your Lifestyle

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Unlike the popular notion, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only comprise of the healthy habits that you adopt during your waking hours. When and how you sleep also counts for equal importance. If you are looking forward to breathing easy in a health-glitch free manner, here are some of the essential tips that can help you embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

Change Your Habits

Habits play a unique role in determining how you will be sleeping at night. Some routines like checking your phone before you hit the sheets, relying a bit too much on sleeping pills, following an unhealthy diet and having anxiety are some other factors that hinder your sleep and will be the reasons why you’ll be waking up tired. To get good REM sleep, you can try investing 45 minutes to an hour every day into vigorous exercise, maybe have a light dinner and turn off your phone an hour before lights out. Small tweaks in your daily routine can go a long way in eradicating a fitful sleep routine. 

Stop The Smoke

It cannot be emphasized enough. Smoking is highly detrimental to health and can increase the risk of lung, kidney, and esophageal cancer and can also trigger a heart attack. Nicotine, the main element of cigarettes and cigars is a stimulant which contributes to insomnia and alters sleep patterns, which further, impairs the cognitive ability. To quit smoking, you can adopt the following habits:

  • Use NRTs
  • Take medication (under medical advisory)
  • Go for behavioral support
  • Exercise
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    Use Good Quality Beddings And Accessories

    We tend to sleep away one-third of our lives. Since sleep makes up for such an essential part of our lives, why do we tend to negate the quality of sleeping accessories that we use daily? Why not invest in quality bedding and accessories that can make this process better? Choosing the right bed, mattress, pillows, and drapes for your room can ensure a comfortable sleep. A foam pillow from Nectar can give your neck the much-needed support for a restful night sleep while the ease of assembling and robust structure of mid century modern platform bed from Dreamcloud can make your mission of good sleep easily attainable!

    Leave The Stillness To Rocks

    Humans are meant to walk, lift, run, and everything in between. We are meant to move, and in the age of the current social structure, moving is an option that many people have given up on. Sitting is the new smoking and is a new lifestyle disease labeled as the ‘Sitting Disease’ which stems from an overly sedentary lifestyle. Here are some ways you can deploy to combat over-sitting:

  • Take walking breaks every hour. You can even set a reminder to help you with that
  • Take the stairway instead of the elevator.
  • Park as far as possible when you are out grocery shopping if you can walk up to the grocery store.
  • Set your pedometer to 10,000 steps a day and try to hit that target every day.
  • If you enjoy dancing, sign up for local Zumba classes and get grooving!
  • You can choose your pace for activities of your choice, but the critical element is to keep moving.

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    Go For A Healthy Mattress

    How does one define a healthy mattress? Some of the things that you can consider before you buy one:

  • The material used
  • Non-toxicity
  • Longevity
  • Natural Comfort
  • Size
  • A healthy mattress plays a poignant role in ensuring that your sleep remains undeterred as well as affirming that your health is not hampered due to certain chemicals that can seep into the skin. 

    Non-toxicity is the parameter that should not be overlooked. So, how do non toxic mattresses work? These mattresses are made of organic materials that do not emit harmful chemicals. They include a layer of GOLS-Certified organic Dunlop latex as well as a cover using GOTS-Certified cotton that promises a touch of comfort and health, assuring a good night’s sleep.

    You Are What You Eat

    The age-old saying rings true even today. In the age of fast food and instant snacks, healthy food has become a luxury quotient, unlike the earlier times. Understandably, one may not have the time to adopt an extensively healthy diet while managing the daily routine. However, you can make slight modifications to help you lead a healthier lifestyle than before. Some of the tips that you can incorporate are:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. If you are thirsty, reach for that water. If you are thirsty and crave for some flavor, smack your hand before you reach for that cola and drink flavored water. You can add slices of lemon, orange, and mint leaves to regular water and drinks it to your heart’s and taste buds’ content. 
  • Try to eat a meal with your family. This practice will not only negate the chances of mindless eating but also act as a bonding factor within the members. 
  • Keep fruits, low-fat yogurt, and nuts in handy and eat those when the sudden hunger pangs hit you. 
  • Indulge once in a while to satiate your soul. Feeding your soul is as important as feeding your body. However, the soul does not require that bucket of ice-cream; it is happy with a single scoop. Enjoy!
  • Do not compare cooking and eating to a chore. Enjoying these activities will help you make healthier choices. 
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    Liven Up Your Space

    This is yet another critical step that you can take towards healthier living. You live and breathe in your space, and the quality of your home environment matters. One should focus on the emotional well-being of those living in it as well as the aesthetic appeal that brightens up your day and make you feel special about your home; You can amp up your decor with funky colors, elegant shapes, versatile products and lots of good vibes. 

    To bring in a distinct taste to your living area, you can shop for round shag rug which is unconventional as well as goes perfectly with the element of one-of-a-kind decor. Contemporary furniture pieces or modern decor, you can mix and match to see what suits your personality best. If it suits your beliefs, you can also color up your walls as per the Feng-Shui or Vaastu.

    Take In A Deep Breath

    The construction noise is driving you nuts, the household chores are yet to be done, and your work at the office is piling up! What can be done? Take a deep breath. One more. A couple more, Deep breaths are known to instantly reduce blood pressure, control anxiety, and slash the chances of a panic attack.

    The gush of oxygen revitalizes your body and also provides relief from aching muscles and intestinal problems. Deep breathing is an art people have yet to master. Instead of the shallow breaths that are usually the norm, one should take a considerable gulp which fills up the lungs, expands the abdomen while ensuring restricted shoulder movement to a minimum. Meditate for two minutes before going to bed and after waking for a sense of calm. 

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    Use Your Bedroom Only For Sleeping

    Say no to electronics in your room. Avoid propping up a TV on your bedroom wall or using your laptop on the bed. Designate this space for sleep or intimacy so that your brain associates this space with relaxing activities rather than stress or anxiety. 

    You can change the upholstery of your room to soothing colors and use thick drapes to make it dark, quiet, and cool. Make your bedroom a space for serenity which will help allure sleep an a rested mind give way for a relaxed mind and body. 

    Break Down Your Goals

    We all have a plan for some radical change that we are looking for. However, instead of tackling the boulder head-on, how about you break it down to smaller pebbles and achieve one fragment of an aim at a time? 

    This will not only help make better health and life choices but also avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation. Bite-sized resolutions can lead to a life-size solution. 


    So, here you go! You can use these tips to lead a healthier lifestyle and take the right step towards a better living as well as a quality life. 

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