Valerie van der Graaf by Ellen von Unwerth for Lula F/W 2010

Ellen von Unwerth shows off a lighter side of her photography with her most recent work in Lula fall-winter. Starring Valerie van der Graaf and styled by Bay Garnett, the outdoor story takes a look at sophisticated looks from labels such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Topshop with a more whimsical twist.

source | fearless123 @ tfs

20 Responses to “Valerie van der Graaf by Ellen von Unwerth for Lula F/W 2010”

  1. I just love this editorial! It’s being added to the list of my favorites. The sunniness and happiness of the whole shoot is beautiful! I love it!

    • No, I have the same problem. It’s just that little bit too bright. Too much. It looks lovely, I just wish it was toned down a little.

  2. All_around_genius Reply

    Adorable editorial even if the contrast is a little high, but I love it anyways!

  3. It could have been better to focus on (and make the editorial lovelier) if it wasn’t for the super-bright contrast!

  4. The next Guess girl,?? watch this space, she would suit the style of the ads also by Von Unwerth

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