Tian Yi by Whalen Bryce for Vestal Magazine September 2011

Fur Ever Yours – For this cinematic and dreamy editorial, model Tian Yi gets swathed in a vibrant palette of chic autumn furs. Photographed by Whalen Bryce and styled by Donald Hicks for Vestal Magazine’s September issue, the images take place in a setting of nature and romance. Adding to the overall feel of luxury, Tian’s hair and make-up by Lindsey Jameson is kept classic.

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  1. Guest No. 5 Reply

    These would have been great without the Mert & Marcus style post processing. I don’t understand why these photographers blatantly copy the style and think noone will notice.

    • I personally know the photographer… He didn’t copy anyone’s style.  I’m sick of people who aren’t in the industry judging others work and calling it copying because it shares similar qualities with another photographer’s work.  Mert and Marcus didn’t invent colour, and there have been many other photographers before them who’ve used a similar post production processing style.  Amateur…. 

  2. I actually first thought this editorial was by Camilla Akrans in terms of the post processing of the colours, the way she usually does her editorials, very vibrant and hues changed

  3. Dyllis_filler Reply

    I think without the coloring these would just be a girl in central park in broad daylight…doesn’t say anything to me…

  4. @julius_gregorio Reply

    People get caught up with their feelings and likes and dislikes about a photographers style etc. Its either you like or dislike.  And if this was converted in BW, are the images still strong enough? Did they capture the moment and mood of the editorial? They shot for a “fur” autumn feel, and the colors represent that, even though they were probably shot in the damn summer with GREEN trees and hot as day outdoors.  Can’t fake autumn if its not AUTUMN. So, post helps.  Thats all its about. Creating the mood. Not copying ones style which has been done over and over again. So no one can claim it as theirs.   Aside from that, love the composition and cohesiveness of the spread.

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