Tati Cotliar by Jason Kibbler for Twin #5

Love is the DrugTati Cotliar and Yuri Pleskun play the role of rock and roll lovers for the fall-winter edition of Twin Magazine photographed by Jason Kibbler. In seventies inspired outfits selected by fashion editor Celestine Cooney, the pair goes from the streets of Brooklyn to the back of a car in luxe pieces from Alexander Wang, Rodarte, Prada, Chanel and others.

11 Responses to “Tati Cotliar by Jason Kibbler for Twin #5”

  1. Just because she’s supposed to be a rockstar, doesn’t mean she needs no look like she’s strung out on heroine in every shot. And the dude is meh. 

    • PS, why would ANYONE want to shoot anything from that Rodarte collection. YUCK

  2. So refreshing to see a story in a magazine that dares to be gritty and tell a story. I get so tired of all the over-polished stories of static looking over styled models… So nice to feel that nineties realness again!

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