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gabby dover1 Gabby Dover Gets Painted for Black Magazine by Thom Kerr

Reasons to Be BeautifulGabby Dover may look like she has intense tattoo sleeves in her latest Black Magazine shoot, but it’s actually the result of 9 hours of hand-painted work. The new face poses for Thom Kerr in studio images featuring luxe fall fashions. Stylist Sarah Birchley dresses the brunette in designs from labels such as Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Saint Laurent. Becca Gilmartin created the shoot’s colorful body art while Amber D. worked on Gabby’s beauty looks.

EvaBlackMagazine5 Thom Kerr Shoots Eva Downey for Black Magazine Fashion Feature

Body BeautifulEva Downey shows she’s comfortable in her own skin in a new spread for New Zealand’s Black Magazine, dubbed “I Love Being Me.” We’re sure it can’t be too hard to feel self-confident when you look so good in lingerie! Thom Kerr snaps the Kiwi model in apparel and undergarments selected by stylist Emma Read. Fashion designers including Alice McCall, Escada, and Manning Cartel are all represented in the 12-page spread.

KerrBlack05 Thom Kerr Captures a Conspicuous Trio of Schoolgirls for Black Magazine #17

We Do What We Want – Models Rhianna Porter (Chic), Josephine Le Tutour (London), and Emily Green (Vivien’s) play a group of boarding school bad girls for this bewitching story from Black Magazine’s latest issue, photographed by Thom Kerr. Styled by Bex Sheers, the schoolgirls don seasonal outfits with gothic undertones and impressive hair and make-up styling by Lauren McCowen and Jovita Lee.