Sophie Vlaming

stefania paparelli Sophie Vlaming by Stefania Paparelli | <em>Grey</em> Spring 2010

The spring issue of Grey magazine is full to the brim with talent and beauty as shown by our two previous looks at the publication. Added to that roster is photographer Stefania Paparelli, whose romantic aesthetic lends itself perfectly to the light and airy pieces styled by Roberta Rusconi. Starring Sophie Vlaming as a ethereal vision of curls and delicacy, the story balances girlish wonder with mature sensuality.

sophie vlaming Sophie Vlaming by Wendy Bevan in Le Cirque | <em>Marie Claire Italia</em> April 2010

Photographer Wendy Bevan welcomes you into the circus for her most recent work in Marie Claire Italia‘s April edition. Starring Sophie Vlaming among a pack of unusual wonders, Le Cirque combines a vintage aesthetic with modern day pieces from Ralph Lauren, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana styled by Elisabetta Massari.