influence Noemie Merlant by Raphael Delorme & Thierno Sy for <em>LOfficiel Ukraine</em> September/October 2010

Capturing a day of uninhibited passion, Raphael Delorme and Thierno Sy bring a sense of risque to the latest L’Officiel Ukraine. Playing the role of a woman in a scandalous affair, model Noemie Merlant isn’t afraid of the danger when paired with a hunky male model and donning a retro wardrobe jointly styled by the photographer duo in the steamy story, A Woman Under the Influence.

dd14 th Dolce Diva by Norbert Schoerner for Vogue Germany September

“Dolce Diva” is the title of Norbert Schoerner’s most recent contribution to German Vogue, and the chic name only begins to scratch the surface of this multi-layered spread. Painting images of opulence, mystery and romance with its picturesque setting in the streets of Berlin, “Diva” stars Masha Novoselova, Luca Gadjus and Emma Maclaren. The air of intrigue which can be found throughout the entire series only teases the viewers and leaves us wanting more of this unfinished story.