Patrycja Matysiak

hannere 800x599 Hannare Blaauboer by Anne Combaz in Novosibirsk for Fashion Gone Rogue

Necklace Bernard Delettrez, Jacket Killiwatch, T-shirt Ivana Helsinki, Shorts Pellessimo, Rings Marion Godart, Socks and Tights Falke

Novossibirk – Photographer Anne Combaz and stylist Patrycja Matysiak team up for a story inspired by teenage style in Soviet era Russia. Model Hannare Blaauboer enchants in the black and white images; wearing the designs of Yohji Yamamoto, Yasmine Eslami, Killiwatch and others. Makeup artist Aya Fujita and hair stylist Miha Oshima give the blonde a perfectly undone look for her solitary outing.