Katie Fogarty

catherineservel TEST | Myf, Tiiu, Katie & Others by Catherine Servel

Catherine Servel photographs ten unique beauties for the inagural issue of the online publication, TEST. The magazine focuses on everything from fashion to film and design. Servel’s editorial does not only include lovely portraits of Angelika Kocheva, Anna Cleveland, Ataui Deng, Clara Settje, Edythe Hughes, Katie Fogarty, Maggie Rizer, Myf Shephard, R’el Dade and Tiiu Kuik, but it also features interesting soundbites from the models themselves. Styled by Leith Clark, all of the girls shine in “Face to Face”.

katiefogarty4 Tush #18 | Katie Fogarty by Txema Yeste

With a cigarette in hand and a nonchalant attitude, Katie Fogarty taps into her inner bad girl for her cover shoot in the latest German Tush. Aided by stylist Belén Casadevall, Txema Yeste captures all of the American model’s best rebel moment’s in “Katie Shoots Them All”.

fatalk3 Kendra & Katie in Numéro Tokyo by Sebastian Kim

It’s uncommon to see a model duo repeat itself, but it looks like the fates were aligned for Kendra Spears and Katie Fogarty’s latest editorial in Numéro Tokyo October. Not even a month ago, we saw the two strolling along in Harper’s Bazaar, and now the pair is at it again for Sebastian Kim‘s “Fatal Attraction”. Styled by Katie Mossman in effortlessly chic looks, we can clearly see why Numéro and Bazaar are crazy about this model twosome.

thechannels11 The Channels | Mark Borthwick for Pop Fall/Winter 09.10

Mark Borthwick brings a blur of movement, color and calm to the latest Pop with “The Channels”. The lengthy editorial is styled by Vanessa Reid and stars Hanne Gaby Odiele, Katie Fogarty, Myf Shepherd and Kaitlin Aas as unclothed hippies. Each image seems to blend effortlessly into the next, and results in a striking series of images.