John Galliano

john galliano John Galliano Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

New Spring at Galliano – After taking over for Dior, British designer Bill Gaytten also had the task of designing the spring 2012 collection for John Galliano’s namesake collection. While keeping the label’s Parisian flair, the volume on the collection was certainly dialed down for the new season with a muted color palette and less audacious silhouettes. Nevertheless, models still displayed a romantic selection of dresses that paid tribute to the feminine form in full.

johngallianofall John Galliano Fall 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

John Galliano’s fall 2011 collection featured all the staples of the absent designer’s well known aesthetic–sumptuous materials, dramatic silhouettes and high octane glamour. With speculation about whether show would be pulled in its entirety, the runway show was made into a presentation. Despite the massive public fallout, Galliano still appears to have many supporters in the fashion world and only time and sales will tell about his future standing in the industry.

gallianospringlookbook Jacquelyn Jablonski for Galliano Spring 2011

John Galliano’s no-fuss aesthetic finds a new voice in beach bum inspired wear for the sophomore Galliano lineup. Enlisting the help of Jacquelyn Jablonski and Francisco Lachowski, a young vision sees the mixing and matching of various occasion pieces for an eclectic finish. From exposed pocket linings and offbeat proportions to bold colors, the Galliano woman proves to be a character.

johngallianospring John Galliano Spring 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

As always, the spring 2011 show from John Galliano proved to be one with drama and theatrics. The latest collection from the Gibraltarian-British designer was inspired by Maria Lani, an early twentieth century muse to artists who conned them into painting her portrait under the guise of being an actress. Each look represented a portrait in its own unique way complete with bold prints, vibrant colors and voluminous silhouettes.