gianluca santoro

natasha gianluca santoro Natasha Ramachandran by Gianluca Santoro in Punk Beauty for Fashion Gone Rogue
Punk Beauty – With the upcoming 2013 Met Gala’s theme focusing on punk style, there has never been a more appropriate time then now for Gianluca Santoro’s rebellious portraits starring Indian beauty Natasha Ramachandran. Photographed in all black and white, Natasha rocks all the punk staples including a studded collar, leather and silver chains. A faux-hawk and dramatic eyeliner courtesy of hair and makeup artist Tania Travers perfect the rock diva’s look.

nadine Nadine Wolfbeisser by Gianluca Santoro for <em>Fashion Gone Rogue</em>

Midday in ParisGianluca Santoro returns to the always inspiring setting of Paris, France for FGR’s latest exclusive starring Nadine Wolfbeisser. Wearing a wardrobe of sophisticated autumn looks styled by Rossana Passalacqua, Nadine is the very image of feminine beauty in designs from the likes of Dries van Noten, Miu Miu, Lanvin and Jil Sander. Sleek curls by Frank Nemox and classic makeup by Mickael Noiselet complete the chic midday outing.

nicole trunfio Nicole Trunfio by Gianluca Santoro for <em>Fashion Gone Rogue</em>

La Rive GaucheGianluca Santoro takes to Paris’ La Rive Gauche for his most recent work starring Nicole Trunfio for Fashion Gone Rogue. Outfitted by Rossana Passalacqua in fall pieces from the likes of Dries von Noten, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Miu Miu, Nicole sports retro curls by Franco Argento and lightweight makeup by Tatyana Makarova in the stylish shots.