George Cortina

alla kostromicheva Alla Kostromicheva by Sølve Sundsbø in The Girl from Atlantis | <em>Vogue Nippon</em> May 2010

Enchanting and ethereal, Sølve Sundsbø’s latest work for Vogue Nippon May takes on a life of its own in an underwater setting. Styled by George Cortina and featuring Alla Kostromicheva as a mythical creature from down below, The Girl from Atlantis uses sparkling pieces from Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu and Versace to create one stunning story.

monika jagaciak Monika Jagaciak by Sølve Sundsbø | <em>Vogue Nippon</em> May 2010

Photographer Sølve Sundsbø captures some of the most striking beauty stories, and his latest work for Vogue Nippon‘s May issue is no exception to the rule. Starring Monika Jagaciak with makeup by Val Garland, Beyond White features ivory looks from labels such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Rick Owens and Givenchy. Styled by George Cortina, Monika makes a captivating beauty alongside her dove companion in the enchanting story.