Anna Jagodzinska

Vogue US is surprising me with their February 2009 issue. First, Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively is on the cover and now this. I am see some new faces in their fashion spreads, which I guess is a good sign. There’s only so many shoots I can take of the same models against boring and blank backgrounds. It appears as if American Vogue is trying to revamp it’s image. Although to be honest, I am a little bit tired of the throwback to 1930s fashion. It’s pretty, but can get dull after awhile.

madcappreview It's a Madcap World by Steven Meisel

Continuing with the black and white theme today; I recently found an old Flair Italy set featuring Anna Maria Jagodzinska. These are lovely beauty shots and I actually think the grainy effect (which is normally irritating) works well on these.

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