Snap! | Freja Beha Erichsen for Harry Winston

Freja Beha Erichsen trades in rock and roll edge for bridal glamour in a recent Harry Winston jewelry advertisement. (TFS)

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    • Personnaly, i think this foto is beautiful, but ! Common Freja isnt the apropriate model for this choice of pub..i mean she’s not that “girl”..

  1. Wow, she’s gorgeous in every way


  2. Nice! I do see now why she can’t come out in the press as a lesbian model (remember her big UK Vogue interview that didn’t once mention her sexuality?). I guess it still isn’t good for business if your modeling as the traditional bride in white.

  3. ‘dies’

    WOW! She looks unbelievable. Gorgeous. She can do ANYTHING. Extremely versatile.

  4. Veronika_bcn10 Reply

    hey, you can be a lesbian an have a “traditional” wedding with wihite dresses if you want…
    but if I married freja we would wear something cooler 😉

    anyway I don’t care it’s not oficiall, everyone knows she’s so gay!

  5. Wow. Never saw such a big smile on Freja’s face. I love it!!

    I hope people notice that she’s extremely versatile and put her in similar campaigns/editorials in the future.

  6. this is unbelievable. I guess this is what it means to be a top model. great work freja!

  7. i am not a fan of freja in the least, BUT SHE LOOKS A FRIGGIN MAZING, wow freja, way to prove me wrong!

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