• http://www.timothyroper.com/ Timothy

    Beautiful way to bring some nostalgia–but not too much–to resort collections.

  • AM

    Beautiful work.

  • A

    She looks horrible. and her hands look so big.

  • Annielka

    Some very beautiful and elegant dresses in there. I love that lime green dress. Such a flattering shape and I love the sheer cut out detailing. Very stunning location and love the vintage treatment of the pictures. It tells a story and I admire designer’s that really make an effort in showing their collection’s that way. You just keep wanting to look at it. The pink suit is so yum! It’s so eccentric! Would never have a place to wear it to but it looks amazing in the picture. ? http://annielka.wordpress.com

  • Anna

    I think Sigrid is a chancy model. She can’t always bring it. It’s unfortunate because there’s some amazing styling here.