Shu Pei for ROUGE Winter 2010 by Derek Kettela

ROUGE continues with the theme of intense winter beauty for its latest cover shoot starring Shu Pei. In front of Derek Kettela’s lens, Shu Pei transforms in every shot with the help of makeup artist Valery Gherman and hair stylist Tu Anh Tran. / Production by Antoine Neufmars, Art Direction and Styling by Alex Slavycz

14 Responses to “Shu Pei for ROUGE Winter 2010 by Derek Kettela”

  1. I wouldn’t really say she transforms in every shot, she maintains an air of sweetness throughout the entire spread. And I kind of like that.

    • Nothing special, but it doesn’t have to be, I don’t think. If there was a more of a ‘special’ness to it, it’d take away from her beauty which is obviously the focal point of this shoot.

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