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See Penélope Cruz's First Film for L'Agent Starring Irina Shayk

L’Agent – For the launch of Agent Provacateur’s new diffusion line, L’Agent, the lingerie brand taps Spanish actress Penelope Cruz to direct the official campaign film. The video shows a seductive fantasy featuring Irina Shayk and leading man Miguel Angel. Angel puts on his L’Agent sunglasses and sees the world with lingerie-clad women. “The campaign film was very personal and important for me. It was the first time that I directed and it was a very interesting experience. They gave me all the freedom and I was able to tell the story I wanted to tell,” Cruz says about the sexy video.


  1. Fashioniser

    August 5, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    That music is fantastic!!

  2. Thomas Stevens

    August 6, 2013 at 11:52 am

    So this is about 5 minutes too long, let me tell ya. What a load of self indulgent cr*p. ‘Written and directed by Penélope Cruz.’ Really? She wrote this masterpiece of a story about a pair of xxx-ray-ted glasses all by herself? (Sorry, couldn’t excuse myself the pun. Quite self indulgent one could say.) Do like yummy hubby’s cameo in the end though.

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