Sasha Pivovarova by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue US November 2010

Sasha Pivovarova sports a severe haircut for her most recent work in Vogue US’ November issue. Lensed by Patrick Demarchelier, the Russian beauty wears sophisticated earth tone hues from the likes of Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein and Vera Wang styled by Tonne Goodman in Naturally Refined.

22 Responses to “Sasha Pivovarova by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue US November 2010”

  1. I’m stuck between thinking that it looks a little boring but also that I love Sasha so much that I really don’t care.

  2. I don’t think this is Sasha’s best and the eye make-up is overpowering but I love Sasha all the same

  3. Gymnast200 Reply

    I love Sasha but I think Vogue US needs to stop doing these shoots with the grey background

  4. She looks so great, but she’s been retouched so much she looks more like Gemma than Sasha.

  5. She’s never looked better, yes, but these are so posed they are beyond boring. Then again, this is the best US Vogue can do.

  6. freddy sausage Reply

    great for unimaginative yanks, otherwise avoid

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