Sasha Pivovarova by Greg Kadel for Numéro #116

Sasha Pivovarova always makes a captivating subject, and photographer Greg Kadel is the latest one to capture the Russian super star for the pages of September’s Numéro. Styled by Brian Molloy in grunge inspired looks, Sasha manages to tap into her wild side as she dons the fall collections with a hint of war paint in the twelve page spread.

16 Responses to “Sasha Pivovarova by Greg Kadel for Numéro #116”

  1. even with little to work with, Sasha never cease to amaze. love her

  2. I can’t wait for FALL. Sasha always makes a mark in everything she wears!!

    I love all the coats, and colors. :)


  3. she’s great
    great expressions and poses
    but she can close her mouth a bit

  4. The great thing about sasha is that the clothes never wear her, she is always in control of the look

  5. OK, Sasha is a beautiful girl but you’ll have to agree that she ALWAYS works the same faces. Boring!

  6. That Burberry shearling jacket is EVERYWHERE. Its THE ITEM of the Fall.

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