Samantha Gradoville by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #118

Shooting Samantha Gradoville, photographer Sebastian Kim brings a heavy dose of dark fantasy to the pages of November’s Numéro with Samantha taking on doll-like looks for the fall. Styled by Charles Varenne, Samantha dons an opulent wardrobe of Valentino, D&G, Givenchy and more in Babouchka.

16 Responses to “Samantha Gradoville by Sebastian Kim for Numéro #118”

  1. I can never tell if I like her or not…this editorial doesn’t make me like her any more or any less. It’s just boring. Clothes are lovely though.

  2. wow how could you be so jaded that you would find these images boring? Beautiful photos and fashion!

  3. I think these images are beautiful, the colours and clothes but I agree her legs in the second pic down look a little strange!

  4. Dark and brooding, yet with a diverse palette beyond the usual black shades.

    Amazing photography, modeling, styling.. everything. Fantastic work.

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