Red by Valentino Spring 2011 Campaign | Imogen Morris Clarke by Pablo Arroyo

Carnival Outing – Like a little girl at a carnival, Imogen Morris Clarke stars in the spring campaign from Red by Valentino. Taking on the season’s inspiration of girlish fantasy in picture form, Imogen wows in feminine frills and womanly accents lensed by Pablo Arroyo.

22 Responses to “Red by Valentino Spring 2011 Campaign | Imogen Morris Clarke by Pablo Arroyo”

  1. the clothes are great, but the lighting is really not nice – there is no depth

  2. Anonymous Reply

    They could have done a lot more with the set…there was so much opportunity for better poses, etc.

  3. nice clothes, pretty model – but very little variance in poses, becomes quite boring. However, since this is a campaign, we won’t be seeing them all together as we do here, so it is perhaps less of a problem. Agree with previous comments that the lighting could have been much better – if it wasn’t for that picture where she has her hand behind one of the poles, I would begin to wonder if she was just standing in front of a picture of a roundabout.


  4. Anonymous Reply

    I don’t think the lighting is too bad, but the compositions are all quite similar and there is a lot of cropping of the top of the model’s head. Not that I don’t like that, but there is a lot of it here. I’ve scrolled down now and I can’t remember what the different comps were, they are all the same in my memory.. half were black and white.

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