Portrait | Uliana Tikhova by Damon Baker

Bringing some darkness to his repertoire, Damon Baker shoots an angsty Uliana Tokhova in the distressed garments of Beatrice Newman for his latest shoot. With disheveled hair and haunting makeup by Annam Butt, Uliana goes mad in the engaging series of images.

16 Responses to “Portrait | Uliana Tikhova by Damon Baker”

  1. very interesting and eery shoot, but her thinness creeps me out too much.

    check the photo where her arms are up and she’s framing her face… you can practically see her bones :(

    • For people who don’t realise, the ‘bones’ you’re talking about are her muscle. Yes, she is really thin, but what you’re seeing are her biceps and her triceps, which have a hollow inbetween. Any slender person with a bit of muscle who raises their arms that way will also look like this.

  2. It sickens me to say it, as I’ve always considered the photographer a two faced egocentric fool….these are great images….if a tad too retouched…credit where credit is due as they say.

    • how would u know this about his personality. Seems like an attack against him and his work.

  3. Bigler Steve Reply

    And here is… nipple. Not a fan.. and perhaps some heat in the studio?

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