Portrait | Merethe Hopland by Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd is the latest photographer to become captivated by Merethe Hopland of Joy Model Management. This time, however, Merethe poses au naturel in the beautifully candid portraits.

13 Responses to “Portrait | Merethe Hopland by Billy Kidd”

  1. Louisepetitpetit Reply

    Fantastic!!! I love Billy Kid.
    oxoxo Louise Petit

  2. The way she’s holding her chest makes it look like she didn’t want to be shot topless but Billy insisted until he finally got what he wanted when her nipple slipped in the last shot.
    I like her but don’t trust his intentions and techniques.

    • Check out his blog and you’ll see more. She didn’t want to expose her breasts and should have just been handed a top.

  3. john jarvata Reply

    “hey, can you please take your top off for a few images?” typical photographer question and typical images.

  4. i am wondering why the negative comments that had previously been posted have been removed, i agree that negativity in comments like these are boring at best but this comment option has been left and to then monitor and remove comments becomes censorship and benefits someone or doesn’t depending on what is deemed inappropriate, either remove the option to comment or let free speech resume.

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