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NK Launches Haute Cosmetics with New Beauty Campaign

Swedish-based department store NK is launching a new makeup service called “Haute Cosmetics”, which as the name suggests offers a high level of service in the beauty department with certificated makeup artists and unique consultations which could take as long as ten hours for the finished product. “As far as we know, there [are] not any similar services in any department store in the world,” says Karin Svensson, Head of advertising at NK. The campaign images are similarly one of a kind featuring a model with colorful makeup and a face full of decorations. Johan Wilde of Garbergs worked on art direction for the shoot while Benjamin Vnuk captured the images. Also, make sure to see the film below featuring GoPros mounted on the model as she gets her makeup done.




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    May 11, 2014 at 11:55 am

    I love first 80s inspired look in the video. One with the jewels is too much for my taste.

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