Naty Chabanenko by Andrey Korotich for Top 10

Looking rebellious with a feminine edge, model Naty Chabanenko takes to pages of Ukraine’s Top 10 for a series of dynamic images photographed by Andrey Korotich. Wearing garments from the likes of Isabel Marant, Beatrice Boyle and Maria+Zero styled by Daria Shapovalova, Naty looks at home surrounded by cars and graffiti.

14 Responses to “Naty Chabanenko by Andrey Korotich for Top 10”

  1. Shes super creepy in the face, her eyes are WAY too far apart
    normally strange in the fashion world is considered gorgeous but shes on a whole other level

  2. I don’t get these creepy comments at all, Naty is so beautiful to me and not even in an especially weird way, I just think she’s downright gorgeous

  3. i think its awful. we cant see natys great pecularities on these pics… dont like

  4. LovedWoman Reply

    photo session is successful)
    why everybody thinks that Naty must be necessarily beautifull all the time?

    I think that the location and style and model complemented each other! guys did a great job!

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