Natasha Poly by Daniele & Iango for Vogue Japan May 2012

Melancholy Was the Mood – Slipping into dark looks for spring, Natasha Poly brings the drama in Daniele & Iango’s (Streeters) latest work lensed for Vogue Japan May. Styled by fashion editor George Cortina, Natasha dons all black in the romantic designs of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Emilio Pucci amongst others. Lush curls by hair stylist Luigi Murenu and full lashes by makeup artist Jeanine Lobell bring the sharp looks to perfection.

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  1. Al Napoleoni Reply

    Natasha was asked to interpret the part of the most famous Italian singer Mina in her 70ies typical image.
    She has Mina’s typical make up style without eyebrows, Mina’s typical seventies hair-styles and she got even the famous two Mina’s paired moles painted on her right cheek!

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