Natalie Keyser by Rupert Tapper for Black #13

Traveling the desert lands, Natalie Keyser and Bruce Raubenheimer live a nomadic lifestyle for the pages of Black. Photographed by Rupert Tapper and styled by Paul Bui, the duo wears layered looks from the likes of , Chanel, Burberry, Zimmermann and Gucci in When the Road Runs Out.

7 Responses to “Natalie Keyser by Rupert Tapper for Black #13”

  1. A strange brew of ‘Fellini Satyricon’ and Pasolini’s “Oedipus”. Striking and disturbing.

  2. I don’t find it strange, striking or disturbing. It’d be a whole lot better if I did though.

  3. This is couture “Lord of the Flies”. Kinda dark & twisted, and a whole new take on the “desert pictures”. Usually I expect sexy tan girls, but this is very original.

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