Morning Beauty | Sasha Pivovarova by Camilla Akrans

Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Camilla Akrans and styled by Franck Benhamou

Originally published in Numéro (Issue #86, September 2007)

24 Responses to “Morning Beauty | Sasha Pivovarova by Camilla Akrans”

  1. Sasha is great, and the editorial has potential, but it’s way too over-Photoshopped. Even for a Camilla Akrans editorial. The industry really needs to address this trend. People don’t relate to plastic, they relate to human beings.

  2. I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but no matter; I’m always bothered by people urging fashion magazines to be more “real,” in one way or another. For me, looking at a fashion magazine is escapism, in one sense, but it is also just a way of seeing incredible imaginations (photographers, stylists, graphic designers…not to mention fashion designers!) working in tandem to create a product that REFERENCES reality, but does not by any means portray reality.

    Critiquing the amount of photoshop is completely valid on an artistic level, but honestly, if given the choice between a) looking at Sasha Pivovarova looking amazingly unrealistic and unnatural in a completely altered and meticulously designed context, or b) looking at a regular human being looking regular in a regular, unadulterated context, then damn, I choose Sasha any day. People really need to stop expecting ART to be an unaltered and completely truthful version of reality.

    • YAY reality TOTALLY sucks! I agree, if I pay to see amazing fashion I can’t afford, beautiful girls with impossibly unique features, locations I have seen only in dreams, stunning styling, hair, makeup, digital artistry… why on earth would I want to see ordinary? Keep the day dreams coming, I have enough ordinary with myself to last a life time… wait, that is exactly my sentence!

  3. Well said. I couldn’t agree more. Just get lost in it and enjoy the ride… otherwise you’re missing out. If you want reality go and sit in a park :)

  4. Amen people! I think looking for reality in a fashion magazine is like looking for backbones and brains at a Tea Party rally. Everyday I see ‘reality’ on the streets, at work, and on the news, reality is inescapable. Sasha looks awesome here, I was pleasantly surprised by this editorial. It’s so “Get out of here, give me some money too.” – to all the Photoshop haters.

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