Magdalena Langrova Plays Bag Lady for Sebastian Kim’s Vogue Germany Shoot

Signs of the Time – Stepping out in layers of patterns and prints, model Magdalena Langrova navigate the city streets as bag ladies for the October issue of Vogue Germany. In front of Sebastian Kim’s lens, Magdalena dons over the top ensembles featuring the designs of Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Gareth Pugh and many others. Fashion editor Katie Mossman’s standout ensembles are given the finishing touch with makeup by Maud Laceppe and hair by Rutger.

7 Responses to “Magdalena Langrova Plays Bag Lady for Sebastian Kim’s Vogue Germany Shoot”

  1. The “bag lady” theme is really just a way to push the styling to the extreme.  It’s a way to go a little crazy with ideas and still seem sane yourself (as the stylist).   And that really works here.

  2. Landa Crystal Reply

     Homeless ladies with luxury bags in front of chic boutiques.  Is the idea to denounce the problem in our society or simply to mock and make fun of it?

  3. Wawidoll Galvez Reply

    I love everything about this shoot, they’re idea of the homeless is fascinating, the whole lady bag theme is transcending to a whole new level, they are not trying to mock here or something, the story emphasize that no matter what race or what status in life we hold, we can still envisage ourselves to be part of the high society!!Geez people don’t be so negative about this editorial!!Good Vibes and Peace to everyone.

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