The Duchess | Amy, Meggie, Hanalei & Stacy by Mikael Wardhana

Photographer Mikael Wardhana takes to the countryside for his most recent work entitled, The Duchess. A story of contrasts, the black and white editorial mixes whimsy with severeness as models Stacy Beth-Lobb, Meggie Weinheimer and Hanalei Reponty play attendants to Amy Finlayson’s duchess. Styled by Olivia Waugh, the bike-riding foursome is a sight to see in florals, monochromatics and stripes.

Full Credits (include if re-posting):
Photographer – Mikael Wardhana
Fashion Stylist – Olivia Waugh
Hair Stylist – Ryan Mitchell
Makeup Artist – Anastasia Pappas
Models – Amy Finlayson, Stacy Beth-Lobb, Meggie Weinheimer, Hanalei Reponty @ Chic Models Sydney