Masha by Tina Chang for M Magazine

Lorelei – Photographer Tina Chang goes on a tranquil trip to Hatta for the latest issue of Dubai’s M Magazine. Capturing Masha amid a setting of clear waters and majestic rocks, Chang works with fashion director Katie Trotter for a story of nature and fashion juxtaposing pieces from the likes of Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and others.


Additional Credits:
Fashion Assistant: Nadia El Dasher
Make-up: Carolyn Gallyer
Hair: Dennie Pasion

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Location pretty much blew my mind. Photographer captured the essence of it so perfectly but without taking away from the model. Im feeling this modern Pocahontas vibe, like she’s waiting for her love to appear out of nowhere. Its stunning.

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