Loren Kemp by Andrew Woffinden for The Guardian Weekend

A Dotty World – Fall’s major trend of polka dots makes an appearance in the October 29th edition of The Guardian Weekend with Loren Kemp sporting dotty looks. In a colorful wardrobe selected by Natasha Wray, Loren takes on pieces from the likes of Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and others in Andrew Woffinden’s snapshot style images. / Hair by Amiee Robinson @ Caren, Make-up by Lyz Marsden @ The Book

3 Responses to “Loren Kemp by Andrew Woffinden for The Guardian Weekend”

  1. wow I luv all that styling on dot.
    Where can I buy  that editorial guardian weekend? I wanna have it
    does anybody knows it letting me know. Thx in advance.

  2. Actually, before Celine was all of that Marc Jacobs campaignes, but I agree with you – looks a bit like those. They should stop doing it like that, and I also don’t like this styling, but Loren has natural beauty.

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