• http://twitter.com/haideedefraine Haidee
  • Bikey

    The locations are terrific, I love these!

  • ThisIsMyFace

    Just the right amount of clever, while still being cool.

  • Johng1972

    5D, Natural Light, No concept. Come on. Do something great. Slow down the workload. Sorry for the bluntness. Just stating the truth.

    • AntiJohng2791

      5D, Natural light and no concept when you don’t need it…Just relax and stop being jealous of other photographers please.

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    Oh …she so reminds me of her mum…

  • Mileyc86

    F A N T A S T I C

  • Graziellagfr

    yeahhhh !bravo !

  • All_182

    she has more talent than georgia.

  • Missionifils


  • hhumh

    lizzie rocks it