Liu Wen by Greg Kadel in Wild Dreams | Vogue Germany November 2010

Greg Kadel follows up his Vogue Germany cover shoot with a nomadic themed story starring Liu Wen. Styled by Katie Mossman, the open blue sky meets with cool sand for one stellar spread. From chunky jewelry to animal prints and fur, Liu looks prepped for the fall in Wild Dreams.

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  1. I love the harsh orange face makeup, I love Liu, I love Greg’s photography here, that second shot after the jump is my favorite- I already feel it as iconic!

  2. These photos are pretty good. I just didn’t get the theatrics for the make-up.

  3. does anyone else feel like these have been photoshopped within an inch of their lives? it almost seems as though the expression has been wiped from her face .. other than that though, i loved it, the orange cheeks are fantastic ! :)

    • i’m struggling with the photoshop job on the backgrounds (most prominent example is shot 3). it looks like the sky was replaced in every shot.

      which is a shame, because i think everything else about this shoot is utterly fantastic.

  4. love the tones! Vogue Germany is really turning out great editorials these days.

  5. love the tones! Vogue Germany is really turning out great editorials these days.

  6. Liu Wen is gorgeous and I’m so intrigued by how her face takes make up. Really love how the background is used too

  7. Y do people complain about retouching and photoshop so much. That’s part of the package, get over it!!! It’s all art, and it’s that final process that enhances everything else, like glaze on pottery. The models, don’t look plastic, they look like MODELS!!! if you want natural women and skin, u wanna see pores blah blah blah, look around outside to everyday women. Models are are artistically done up, to create art, fantasy, and sell a product. Please stop over thinking this stuff!!!

  8. Love love love. It’s like a much more awesome version of Ping Hue’s ed in Teen Vogue (October or November? I forget)

  9. To those commenting on the retouching and photoshopped background: if you follow Greg Kadel’s work you would know that gradient backgrounds like these is a signature Kadel touch – it is one of the reasons why I can immediately spot his work, along with the distinct movement and choreography. Her skin looks so smooth for many reasons and photoshop is probably last on the list! It was shot in soft daylight and combined with great lighting, great make-up and great camera techniques, you don’t need a lot of retouching. As a professional retoucher in the fashion industry, I am sick of these constant criticisms of photoshop at every opportunity by people who think they know what is cutting. Yes there are people out there that abuse retouching and give photoshop a bad name, but apply your hating appropriately. This editorial is a beautiful execution, and totally inspiring. Greg Kadel is a master – stop being haters.

  10. SteveDiane Reply

    Most amazing styling I have ever seen!! Gorgeous and bold

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