Liberty Ross Is a Seductive Siren in the July Cover Story of Plaza Kivinna

Lady Liberty – The July cover story for Plaza Kivinna features actress-model Liberty Ross in a wardrobe of oceanic hues and prints styled by Christian Classen. Lensed by Christopher Schmidt, Liberty mesmerizes in sultry makeup and selects from Julien MacDonald, Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen and others. / Production by Gabriel Rey

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    • Josephrythym2 Reply

       Finally someone gets it, totally saw that too!!  Liberty Ross is amazingly beautiful in this story, Kudos to photographer Christopher Schmidt well done!!

    • If anyone knows anything about fashion you would know that not one Julien Macdonald dress or any other are exclusive to one fashion editor or model, hello!!  So sorry you will be seeing everything more than once twice three times…etc  lol!!

  1. Dyllis_filler Reply

    I feel like these could have been SO much better…the details suffered, which is a shame..

    • agreed. with all posters. fashion is on a new level. but the photography is lacking. details are suffering by poor lighting and production choices. Dyliss, this really is a shame because it is an interesting idea with fun fashion.

  2. Louis Stein Reply

    I couldn’t be more bored by the lack of pop these photographs have. The lighting is lackluster and one note with hair always in the gorgeous Ms. Ross’ face. The cover is too blown out and the angle is distracting, why shoot her like that? With so many great editorials this summer already on the beach, the only thing I take from this is great styling and an original take on beauty for the beach. The Julien and MCQueen are stunners. Other than that, why recreate something done over and over if you are not going to do it better. Miserable fail on the photographers part.

    • Although the choice of style and beauty is not my style, I think it’s incredibly executed, creativity thought out, and different from what we have seen posted on this blog. Therefore I appreciate the wardrobe and her look as “art”, just as you would in Italian Vogue. As for the photography, I am in agreement that it is below amateur level and brings down the quality. The calibers don’t match up and it seems like commercial test shots styled by editorial fashion and beauty teams.

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