Lara Bingle for Oyster #91 by Stephen Ward & Georges Antoni

The latest issue of Oyster is on sale this Friday and we have a first look at cover girl Lara Bingle’s main editorial. Shot by Stephen Ward and Georges Antoni, the two photographers offer their own unique take on the Australian it girl. Styled by Imogene Barron, Lara dons a sexy wardrobe of form-fitting silhouettes paired with leather accents.

16 Responses to “Lara Bingle for Oyster #91 by Stephen Ward & Georges Antoni”

    • LOL that is deffinitely what happened! so funny… I wouldn´t have noticed!

  1. For all the bad press she gets in Australia, esp. Sydney, she is one amazing model. These are better than some established models and ‘up and coming’ ones who just stare blankly into the camera with their mouth open. Congrats Lara :)

  2. the shot at the top reminds me of Guess ads…
    some of these shots arent cohesive… the simple ones are beauty

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